With the set of Marketing Tools included in the Web Control Panel, you can start promoting your completely new website, immediately after it has been developed. Using the RSS News publishing tool, you can easily place a consistently kept up–to–date notifications area in your site. While using GeoIP re–direction program, you’re able to re–direct your site visitors depending on their country. Furthermore, through the Sitemap Generator, you can make a comprehensive sitemap for your website and submit it to the search engines.

A Sitemap Generator

Generate a sitemap with all your webpages in an instant

The best method of getting your newly launched site indexed in the major search engines is to send a sitemap. The sitemap offers the whole set of web pages on your website and by publishing it to a search engine, you tell it that you’ll want those pages to get scanned as soon as possible. Sitemaps are often developed by 3rd party tools. Nonetheless, here, it’s not necessary to move from your Web Control Panel. 1 2 3 Make Website’s custom–built Sitemap Generator is incorporated into the Advanced Instruments area and is going to create a sitemap for you with a click.

All you should do is opt for the highest number of web pages you need to be scanned, the depth of the crawled hyperlinks as well as the extension of the sitemap document.

Sitemap Generator

GeoIP Redirection

Direct visitors according to their whereabouts

Through the GeoIP re–direction application that is integrated into the Domain Name Manager of the 1 2 3 Make Website Web Control Panel, you can easily route your clients in accordance with their geographical location. For example, if you have a range of language variations of the website, you are able to create a specific language variant to instantly come up for users from the location where that language is spoken. This way, if a user coming from France loads your site, she’ll be immediately transferred to the French variant, without the need to move to French by hand. To use the GeoIP redirection tool , you don’t need any kind of expertise or tech capabilities. Simply select the physical location of your respective visitors and the link to your website that you want to open for them automatically.

GeoIP Redirect

RSS News

Display the latest news within your web site

In the 1 2 3 Make Website Web Control Panel, we have built–in a tool, which lets you include publications from the trusted news outlets worldwide inside your websites, with just a click of the mouse. Our News Syndication application functions on auto–pilot and doesn’t require any additional configuration work on your part,

The RSS News Publication unit is easy to customize with regards to HTML and CSS. You can easily modify the amount of publication bits that will be showcased, the way they will appear like, precisely how they will be arranged, etcetera.

RSS News